Born of Earth's Torments

by Beguiling Isles



The Beguiling Isles, both enchanting and deceiving, appear as ruins half-hidden amid thick jungle; walls of massive black boulders: stones temples and platforms; stark images of scowling gods; soft volcanic tuff; a cluster of temples and remains of knife-edged pinnacles of black rock and deep sheltered inlets where seabirds soar up cliffs rising sheer from the water's edge next to flows of molten lava.

They are not a mirage but an intuition regarding the existence of a location that has its origin in a great world-memory in which the Isles story is merely one of the broken and distorted fragments; lands that stood high above the sea as masses joined in a single world-wide continent reduced to a mere cluster of islands that slipped into the mist, both everywhere and nowhere in a holographic universe.

The Isles have become a wave function that can't be seen or measured because we no longer have the will or means to observe it. If our reality consists of what we observe, than the Beguiling Isles exists as a state of mind, and can be collapsed or manifested from the mist anytime we choose and placed wherever we dream it to be. They will become local again for everyone when we are willing to do so.

-Corum, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala


released July 20, 2012

Played and Recorded by Corum 2011

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk 2012

First of the Beguiling Isles Trilogy (Born of Earth's Torments / Effigy Mounds / Magic Mirror)

Released in a limited edition on vinyl LP by Psychic Sounds Research & Recordings



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